Friday, November 22, 2013

Lilac Campaign Dressers

Remember when I found these beauties of this shopping trip?

Well I decided to tackle them this past week. It was time consuming so I broke it down into steps and tried to knock something out everyday until they were finally completed last night. It only took 30 minutes to pry off the hardware with a handy steak knife.

I decided on the color Enchant by Sherwin Williams. It's the third color down on the paint strip.

For supplied I used Zinsser Cover Stain primer because it sticks to everything. I love Sherwin Williams ProClassic because of its durable finish that doesn't require a topcoat. Finally a little Rub n Buff was needed for select hardware pieces.

My dining room turned into a makeshift painting room after pushing the furniture to the wall. This is after the first coat of primer.

I waited a full day before applying the second coat of primer and two days between the two coats of paint. Here is one of the dressers before all of the hardware was put back on.

The handles were cleaned up after soaking in ketchup which worked great. Oddly the discs and brackets were not solid brass so I applied Antique Gold Rub n Buff to them for a decent match to the handles.

Here they are sitting pretty still in my dining room. I couldn't help but style it a little with the makeover lamp and tray to see what it might actually look like in the girls room.

The second coat of paint goes on the walls in the girls room today so hopefully the dressers will move upstairs this weekend. Once the new curtains are hung along with a few more updates their room will be done. Come back next week to see the full reveal (and better pictures)!

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