Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Padded Coffee Table

The family room area has lacked a coffee table ever since my oldest was born. It worked well the last 6+ years but now that my youngest is over 3 I've been thinking about adding one back. We've definitely missed having somewhere to rest our feet when watching TV. I was inspired after reading this tutorial using inexpensive IKEA rugs to try something myself.

I already had this metal and glass table not being used. The aged brass finish is perfect but we needed something softer and more kid friendly for the top.

It has a matching larger round table which I love as much as someone can love a table. Here is an older fuzzy picture of it in my living room.

The glass top was replaced with small piece of 11/32 thick plywood from Home Depot for $7. Mike cut it to size back home and it easily rested in the metal frame.

Instead of spending $14 on foam I chose to pad the top with layers of heavy polar fleece found at Goodwill new for $5. Most of the layers of polar fleece were cute to match the plywood. The last piece was left larger to staple onto the wood.

Next I hand sewed two small cotton floor rugs together using regular thread close in color to the rug. I knew the stitches would be visible which was part of the charm of this project. These rugs were only $3 each which felt like a huge bargain for such a sturdy material with lots of texture. I didn't take pictures of the them but at IKEA there was a huge bin filled to the top with these pinkish red and beige striped rugs.

After stapling the rugs I now have this in my family room area.

I am super pleased with how it turned out. I added a plexi tray recently purchased at Target to contain magazines and provide a hard surface for drinks. I couldn't help but pull out my favorite cup/saucer and sit back to enjoy this new addition. For only $18 we now have a padded coffee table and a place to finally rest our feet!