Monday, February 24, 2014

Dn..Dn..Dn.., Another Lamp Bites the Dust

It's been quiet around the Steffes house with projects and such. Life has been crazy the last few weeks but it's time to get back in the swing of things.

Sadly one of my most prized possessions no longer functions. This metal leaf lamp was purchased from an vintage design shop years ago for an embarrassing amount of money. I loved it and always appreciated it's unique beauty. It most recently lived on a white accent table in the living room.

At some point someone welded together the metal base with the main rod of the body that use to be threaded. Over time it started to come undone and now looks like this.

I looked for an inexpensive placeholder to make do until it's repaired. Once again Goodwill pulled through and I scored this double gourd Threshhold lamp for $4.50 that I had previously admired at Target.

For the lampshade I stole a small black lampshade from another lamp in the house and used some Rub N Buff to change the silver lining to gold.
Surpisingly I really love it in the space. I see it eventually moving into my son's room down the road and now the stolen lampshade needs to be replaced.

Finding lampshades is kind of difficult if you're on a tiny budget like mine. It was impossible to find a large affordable drum shade for this vintage bamboo lamp. Eventually I came across a clearance lamp with the exact shade envisioned at Homegoods. Even though the base wasn't needed, for only $25 it was cheaper than buying just the shade at most places. With a little added black ribbon trim, the shade now tops the bamboo lamp in front entrance area of the living room.

As for the Homegoods lamp base it ended up in the guest bed area of the basement. But of course it now needs a lampshade....