Monday, July 14, 2014

Jonathan Adler Pillows and Accessories

The master bed pillow situation has always looked a little off to me with no wow factor.

After reading this blog post about pillow covers made from napkins I thought they would be a great solution. The napkins were purchased from my local JCPenney, a store I hadn't been to in years. The 2 pack set ended up costing only $8.50 and I already had pillow inserts and extra white duck cloth for the back.

I was familiar with JCPenney's Jonathan Adler Happy Chic line which is more affordable than his premium line. It was still out of my price range when I viewed it online in the past. Well that has changed! I found some good deals while poking around the Happy Chic shop. There were lots of markdowns, some less than online prices. Plus I used a 15% coupon downloaded from the website to my phone. I could not pass up this pink faux agate box. Seriously, this baby was only $9.

And look at these black pillows. They have removable zippered covers with included inserts for only $8 each. I'm not sure where they will live but for now they are hanging with some friends including the black and white spotted pillow on the living room couch.

After all of these JA additions I finally bought his book "Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors" from ebay to make it legit.

I am seriously loving everything I came home with. Plus with killer prices I'd say I'm ..Happy Cheap:)