Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Campaign Dressers

These two beauties were purchased last week from Craigslist for only $40. For both. Seriously. They are 43" high and 34" wide. When positioned next to each other like in the picture, that is 68" of storage for next to nothing.

Look at the brass detail. This is what I love best about them.

This lamp also called my name at Salvation Army a few days ago. For only $5 how could I leave her?

Currently the dressers are in my dining room until I paint them and move them upstairs to a bedroom. This next month we are going to switch the kids rooms around. My two oldest currently share a room while the 2 year old is still in the nursery. My son will move to the nursery since it is smaller and the two girls will share the larger room. And by larger I mean still really small. This 100 year old house is a little on the cramped side.

I envision the two campaign dressers side by side in the girls room painted a soft lilac or light blue. It all depends on the inspiration fabric I have yet to find. The lamp will be spray painted a glossy color and probably go on top of the dressers also. The nursery will turn into a big kid room for my son but have no idea yet on color scheme. It will be interesting to see what direction the kids rooms take.


  1. Tara~
    I can't get over how creative you are! I get so inspired with all of your projects. I wish I had a little bit of your creativity! I love to see and hear how and why things inspire you such as your daughter loving metallic and your bamboo obsession. Keep it coming! Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks Maryann! I appreciate you stopping by and checking things out. Happy Holidays to you too!


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