Monday, October 14, 2013

Curbside Ottoman Makeover

Found this beauty at the end of someone's driveway last week. It was garbage amnesty day at the town next to mine so everyone leaves out all of the big things that won't fit in regular garbage cans.

After prying off more than 250 staples - no exageration, I was left with a solid wood frame, strong webbing and a loose pillow top that wasn't stinky (phew!).

Some batting was first stapled to the frame. In the spirit of keeping costs down, I used a Dwell Studio round tablecloth from Target purchased maybe 4 years ago as my fabric. I always loved the print but rarely used it since it was so bold on such a large surface. The round center medallion was a good size for the ottoman so it was cut up.

To ensure the fabric was stapled tightly, I flipped the ottoman over and stood on the underside to compress the pillow. Each side was stapled as tight as possible without overpulling the fabric. This was not upholstery grade so I was carefull to not create holes. I then propped the stool back up on its legs and tucked the extra fabic under at each leg where I couldn't staple under like on the sides. $4 of brown cotton trim from Hobbly Lobby was glued with Stitch Witch to cover the staples.

Some Old English Scratch Cover was used for the legs and it now sits under a white occasional table for extra seating. The pattern adds a jolt to the room and fills a bare space that was begging for a little something!

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  1. Oh my, who would throw out such a useful and pretty piece of furniture? All it needed was a new dress :) Hi, first time visitor from The Shabby Nest Frugal Friday, and what a great find. It looks beautiful now, and thanks so much for not painting the legs white! The are so sexy left dark :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jan! I agree with the legs, sometimes it's nice to balance painted furniture with darker stained pieces:)


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