Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Reupholstered Living Room Couch

A few months ago I received a couch passed on to me from a relative. Originally the couch was my parents but my relative had kept it in her formal living room for roughly the last 25 years with its original upholstery. Even though I had no need for a new couch, I loved the shape and single bench seat cushion. Plus, my mom picked it out many years ago so I was a little attached to it. Here it is hanging out in the family room.

I decided an extremely durable classic fabric was needed since the new upholstery had to last. I'd read about Sunbrella velvet and was convinced after reading this blost post that I needed to act quickly. The next week my fabric in taupe arrived and it was exactly what I hoped for. It may not be the most exciting color but it hides just about everything and all colors look good with it. The other brown love seat was moved out of the living room to make room for this beauty.

To update the sofa the skirt was nixed. Also, originally I wanted only the top row of button tufting to remain but the upholster recommended a channel back so the original back foam could be reused to save on costs.

Was this inexpensive to do? Absolutely not. But considering the fabric only cost $250 and the labor was reasonably priced, I now own a solid well made sofa for a fraction of what it would cost retail.

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