Monday, September 30, 2013

Painted Tray

I have a new obsession with thrift stores. Now that I have a little imagination I see endless possibilites with the amazing deals at these places. This started about 3 months ago. Already I was dropping stuff off about once a month but I never went in. On a whim one day I entered and now it is a biweekly habit.

This tray was a recent aquisition. I'd been wanting a tray for my living room table and seriously considering buying this one from West Elm. I really loved it but was hoping to find something less expensive. While I originally was thinking a square tray, this caught my eye at our local Goodwill and was only 2 bucks!

It was dark black with red undertones. Even though it was rectangular the 10" x 15" size was right and the nailheads were great. I decided on a white finish with a raspberry outline on the bottom. After wiping down the tray it was sprayed with Rustoleum Universal because it's a paint/primer in one and does not require sanding beforehand.

The next day the inside received 3 quick coats of Valspar spray paint in Plumberry left over from a previous project. By the way, the dark berry spray paint was a pain to find. No luck at Home Depot for the Painters Touch line or Walmart for the Krylon line. Even though Lowes was a half hour away I reluctantly drove and was relieved to see the color I envisioned on the shelf.

Anyway...a few days after spraying the berry paint I used 1" painters tape to tape off the design on the bottom of the tray.

Once again it was sprayed with the same white spray paint for 3 more quick coats. The tape was removed about 5 minutes after while the paint was still wet. A little Rub n Buff was applied with a small cheap paintbrush to the nailheads later that day. Here she is empty in her new home.

Eventually maybe a few decorative items will fill it out but for now my magazines fit perfectly. The living room is a favorite place to catch up on magazines and this is the real world - these babies need a home! Where do you keep your magazine stash or am I the only one still on paper subscriptions?

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