Friday, September 20, 2013

Kids Mini Jewelry Dresser

My girls jewelry was starting to overflow. You know, a gajillion rubber bracelets, plastic princess necklaces, rings a million. I wanted to corral all of the little bits and pieces and have it look cute at the same time. This dark speckled wood jewelry dresser was picked up at a secondhand shop to solve the problem.

16" x 10" x 6.5"

Before priming hardware was pryed off but the original metal posts stuck in the wood and had to be ground down (I think Mike used the Dremel). The drawer holes were patched and everything was lightly sanded then wiped down with a damp cut up t-shirt to eliminate lint. I spray primed 2 coats with Zinnser Cover Stain. For color a green tester pot of Valspar paint was mixed with some turquoise craft paint.

The original hardware broke when removing so reusing it wasn't an option, plus I didn't love it. I searched everywhere for small drawer knobs or pulls - basically anything that was even close in scale to the piece. No luck. There were some options online but I was hesitant to order without seeing. I remembered some DIY pulls from a favorite blog and followed this tutorial exactly. An awesome Ace Hardware employee helped me find a 3/4" ring. We played with various cotter pins and beveled washers until we had a good fit. I felt like a kid in school with a science experiment list and am still not very comfortable at hardware stores. The employee really helped get me in an out quickly.


The edges were slightly distressed since it will receive lots of wear and tear with children. I loved the idea of brass hardware but wasn't able to find it at the hardware store. A little Rub n Buff to the rescue plus the custom paint color and we now have a great jewely storage solution. 

$20 Dresser, second hand store (way too much!)
$0 Zinnser Cover Stain already had, Home Depot
$0 Valspar Pine Green test paint (free w/coupon), Lowes
$1 Apple Barrel Crystal Blue craft paint, Michaels
$14 Hardware, Ace
$35 Total

In a perfect world I would have paid around $5 for the dresser but I had my 3 not perfect children with me, was stressed and made an impulse buy. Since then I've seen similar dressers for a lot less and wish I would have waited it out. It currently sits on top of a short bookcase in the basement. The hardware problems made this project way more complicated than originally planned but I love it!

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