Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Living Room Update

I'm in the process of adding more color to my house and taking a few more risks. In the past I felt paralyzed. Why? I mean, it's only decorating right? A new rug from Rugs USA arrived last week purchased during their 80% sale. It was difficult to gauge the color online but I just went for it and ordered it knowing it could be returned. Many of the items were sold out but I found something that hopefully would work with the room. It's overdyed and traditional with a worn, faded look.

Once the furniture was placed it felt way too dark and heavy so some adjustments were needed. The peacock campaign dresser was moved in front of the stairs. The leopard chair is in a tight spot but I love the color combination and really have no other place for it.

This white table use to be dark green and was my mother's. I painted it white to lighten up the room and tie in to the other white accents in the room.

Here's a small collection of blue milk glass (hard to find btw) with a vintage ceramic and brass lamp found on Craigslist for only $20. The shade was huge and hideous so I replaced it and added some black ribbon left over from a previous project.

The black and white pillow moved over across to the couch for balance. The 2 Waverly fabric pillows only $10 each at Garden Ridge - a steal!

My growing milk glass collection sits in one of my favorite accessories, a lucite tray with red hearts. It's fun, unexpected and subtle. I'm looking to replace the lamps with something chunkier and colorful.

This is how the room looks today. Still many touches to work on but for the most part I'm happy with how it's turned out. I wish I still had a picture from when this room was a big brown and beige blob. It's come a long way!

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