Monday, November 25, 2013

For The Love Of...Bamboo

Okay I admit it. I love bamboo. Fabric, furniture, accessories, you name it and I'm interested. Over the past couple of years I've collected quite a bit of this stuff in my home because it looks good everywhere.

I know you're wondering "Tara, where did this obsession come from?". Well I recently came across some childhood photos that I hadn't seen in forever. This is our kitchen booth in the house I spent most of my younger years in. Look at that wallpaper and light fixture. And yes I'm a little overly excited in yellow.

And our family spent a lot of time at this place sitting in those awesome chairs.

So here is rundown of my bamboo pieces. I made four of these frames using plain pine frames from Target, river cane cut to size and gold paint with an antique glaze.

This is a huge 31" Paul Hanson lamp found at Goodwill for $3.20. I need to repaint the base but holy cow what a steal. I found a pair of these exact lamps on ebay for $400.

This thrifted tray was purchased for $1.

These chairs were found on Craigslist already in this incredible pattern.

Also a Craigslist find for $25. I spray painted the chair Valspar Plumberry and had the cushions professionally made in Ralph Lauren's Sand Leopard print fabric.

Six dining room chairs from Craigslist (notice a theme here?) for around $250 were spray painted Rustoleum's Heirloom White.

And finally a silver bowl with bamboo handles that was my mom's. We use it to hold the remotes in the family room.
Bamboo brings wonderful detail into a space without looking too feminine. Also since we live in a smaller house bamboo chairs don't block the line of sight which help rooms appear more spacious. Thank goodness with some patience great vintage pieces can be found!

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