Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Paint Chip Art

There are many amazing paint chip art projects floating around and I was interested in creating my own. This piece and this piece were my main sources of inspiration. Just so you know I don't scoop up tons of these paint strips at the hardware store. I only pick up two or three occasionally when making my usual run to the store. I do buy paint from these places so I'm okay with it.

Only a few supplies were needed to get started. The large hole punch was $11 with a 40% coupon and I purchased a $4 brown bamboo frame from Goodwill that was spray painted Heirloom White.

The stack of paint strip samples probably took about 9 months to accumulate.

After punching out the ovals in the colors I was interested in I did a dry run to see how I liked the layout. This is what I ended up with after playing around with the pieces.

I then carefully stacked all the pieces in order by layer and set them to the side. Rub n Buff was applied by finger on the particle board insert that came with the frame. About a half hour later I attached the ovals with glue starting with the outer layer. It definitely helped looking at the picture of the dry run to remember the placement of each piece. Here is an upclose shot of the antique gold backround with the paint chips.

Some Mod Podge was brushed on to only the ovals to add dimension to the finished piece. Here it is hanging on the living room wall.

What's great about this project is customizing the colors to fit your decor. I was looking for ways to add a little berry or pink to the space and this fit the bill. Now I have to figure out what to do with the leftover paint chips that were punched but not used...

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