Monday, December 2, 2013

Les Touches Inspired Bulletin Board

I am still in love with the Les Touches fabric. I couldn't spend the $$ on it when making this pillow cover but still wanted that print to live somewhere in my house in a bad way. Since I'm currently in the process of redoing my girls room, I thought I could bring in a little DIY Les Touches to their room in a fun way. My 4 year old daughter loves everything metallic and shiny so I decided to try my hand with a paint pen.

This cork board was purchased for $3 at Goodwill.

The wood frame had a clear topcoat so I gave it a light sanding then sprayed with Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer.

Two coats of white paint were rolled on to fully cover the cork and brushed onto the frame. I was fortunate to find copies of the Les Touches fabric I could print from this wonderful blog. The paper copies were a guide but I didn't follow them exactly. Many people have projectors for projects like this but I just tried free hand and hoped for the best.

By the way did you see the paint pen I used? It's Krylons 18K Gold Leafing Pen and it's great! The gold paint has a beautiful warm tone and is very reflective. At first I was going to use a gold Sharpie but was worried it wouldn't be metallic enough. With a 50% coupon it was $4.50 at Hobby Lobby so not the cheapest paint pen around but it helped make my amateur attempt look decent.

The spots were a little tedious to paint on. I knocked it out in four 15 minute sessions while catching up on The Voice after the kiddos went to bed. Halfway through I decided to add a few more spots than the inspiration fabric because it looked a little off. Here it is hanging on the girl's wall over their newly painted lilac campaign dressers.

With time this board will fill up with special pictures and treasures. A few gold spots will peek through as an added bonus. Now I've satisfied my Les Touches dreams and gold shiny animal print is what little girls dream of right?

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