Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gold Duck Tape Striped Bed

The girls bunk beds have been in a state of limbo for a few months now. I got around to a couple of quick updates to polish it up a bit this past week. The last we saw their beds it looked like this.

After completing a few projects for the room like painting the lilac campaign dressers, a glossy lamp makeover and creating a Les Touches inspired cork board, I took a few months off from working on the room. One area that had been bugging me was the plain plywood that supported to upper bunk. I did not enjoy looking at it while reading stories to my girls on the lower bunk but wasn't sure what to do with it.

First I decided to simply whitewash the plywood to cover up the orange undertones while still letting the wood grain show.

Using leftover wall paint, I mixed 1 part paint with 2 parts water in a medium bowl. After removing the bedding and mattress the mixture was painted on with the plywood still in place on the upper bunk. I wanted this to be a quick update and didn't want to break out the power drill or deal with moving the heavy plywood to the ground. After 2 back to back coats the deed was done and all was good.

But it was a little boring. So boring I forgot to take a picture.

It needed a little something extra so I headed over to Hobby Lobby for gold Duck Tape to add some stripes. At this point it became necessary to remove the plywood to have straight lines and clean edges. Two and a half roles were needed which resulted in an additional trip and an extra day for the project. Tabs of blue painters tape were used as spacers. The stripes took a little longer than anticipated to tape on but it was super easy and turned out great.

Here is an up close shot of the stripes. They are reflective but not too shiny.

I also sewed two fabric panels for under the bed to create a faux bed skirt. The fabric was a Nate Berkus sheet that was used for piping on the slipcovered bench next to the bed. Plastic storage boxes no longer take center stage in the room - yay! Now I do have a little secret, they are only taped on at the moment. I plan on adding velcro but for now a little Duck Tape is doing a pretty good job at holding it up :)

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