Thursday, April 10, 2014

70's Lamps Spray Paint Makeover

For a while I've been on the hunt for two matching lamps for the bar in the living room. It only had one lamp so that area was dark plus it looked a little off balance. This was during the holidays and not much changed except removing the mini gold tinsel trees.

I would have loved to find the matching Nate Berkus lamp but wasn't having any luck. Finally this week I stumbled upon these harvest gold and brown beauties while thrifting.

I loved the chunky bases and size. They are 12" tall from base to light socket so just right for a bar table. They were only $3 each and to find a pair of thrift lamps is not always easy. Immediately I primed and painted them Heirloom White.
After taping off the socket and cord I sprayed 3 light coats of primer followed up with 3 light coats of paint 40 minutes later.

Finally a glossy clear coat was added with a heavy hand the next day. It amped up the glam factor and added an extra layer of protection. This was similar to the method used for freshen up the girls glossy double gourd lamp.

Here is a freshly painted lamp in its new home.

Last minute I decided to add a bit of ivory and gold trim to the top of the lamp. It's binder clipped in the back while I decide if it works. Ooh, glossy...

A few other changes were made to accessories so the full shot of both lamps plus updates will be soon!

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